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Technologies marked with an * have been presented orally.


  • Industry

  • Thinking about your own startup enterprise - potential support from the Life Science Inkubator
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  • CNS drug discovery at BI – a fresh approach to neuropsychiatric diseases
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  • Because a great idea can come from anywhere! - Johnson & Johnson Innovation
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  • Cardiovascular

  • P5
    SMECS - Small molecules for selective elimination of contaminating pluripotent stem cells from cultures of their differentiated derivatives

    Prof. Albrecht Berkessel, Dr Tomo Saric, Karsten Burkert, Prof. Jürgen Hescheler

  • W4
    Synthetic lignans targeting cardiovascular diseases

    Prof. Marko Mihovilovic, Dr Thomas Linder, Prof. Verena M. Dirsch, Dr David Bernhard, Prof. Hermann Stuppner

  • Device

  • I2
    Atomizer – new technology for production of micro- and nanoparticles

    Miloš Beran, Dr Josef Drahorád, Zdenek Husek

  • I3
    Enhancement of the output voltage of galvanic cell above thermodynamic value: How to get 3 V from 1.5 V accumulator

    Dr Karel Lacina

  • Diagnostics

  • A2
    Diagnosing osteoporosis with CortBS

    Prof. Kay Raum, Dr Juan Du, Gianluca Iori

  • B1*
    CD1a as a diagnostic marker and therapeutic target for Ulcerative Colitis
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    Dr Roswitha Gropp, Prof. Matthias Siebeck, Michael Föhlinger, Dr Pia Palamides

  • E3
    Genetic markers for the diagnosis of tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    Dr Syed Rahman

  • G3*
    Diagnosis/monitoring of glioblastoma and acute myeloid leukemia by (D)-2-hydroxyglutarate test (P-977)
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    Prof. Andreas von Deimling, Dr Stefan Pusch, Dr Jörg Balss

  • I4*
    Development of diagnostic assays for rapid detection of antibiotic resistance
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    Dr Jaroslav Hrabák

  • I5
    Bifunctional cyclam based ligands for conjugations with targeting vectors and their 64-Cu radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging

    Prof. Petr Hermann

  • N2*
    New diagnostic method for colorectal cancer
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    Dr Rossella Solmi, Dr Mattia Lauriola, Dr Giampaolo Ugolini, Dr Isacco Montroni, Dr Maria Teresa Rodia, Dr Gabriella Mattei

  • R1
    New highly selective interface for phosphoproteome profiling

    Prof. Zuzana Bílková, Dr Jan Macák, Rudolf Kupčik, Dr Pavel Řehulka

  • R2*
    A method for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
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    Prof. Michal Holčapek, Dr Eva Cífková, Dr Miroslav Lísa, Dr Denise Wolrab, Dr Robert Jirásko

  • W3
    BioPersMed Metabolic and Cardio Cohort

    Prof. Albrecht Schmidt, Prof. Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch

  • Z2
    Marker-free, high-content screening for digital pathology

    Prof. Rudolf Kessler, Dr Edwin Ostertag, Jörg-Walter Bartsch, Rainer Ritz

  • Z3
    Highly selective modification and detection of epigenetic target nucleobases via tailored TALEs

    Prof. Daniel Summerer, Grzegorz Kubik, Sara Maurer, Mario Gieß

  • Z6
    Biomarker for the assessment of physical fitness

    Prof. Jessica Bertrand, Prof. Christoph Lohmann, Karsten Pinno, Dr Margit Rudolf

  • Z9*
    Integrated platform for liquid biopsy-based personalized cancer medicine
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    Dr Kamran Honarnejad, Dr Stefan Kirsch, Prof. Christoph Klein, Dr Bernhard Polzer, Dr Christian Werno

  • Digital Health

  • N4*
    Wound Viewer: system for monitoring chronic wounds
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    Dr Jacopo Secco, Dr Marco Farina

  • Immune/Autoimmune

  • L3
    Small molecules MALT1 inhibitors as therapeutics for B cell lymphoma and inflammation

    Prof. Margot Thome, Dr Ming Zhang, Dr Barbara Saxty, Dr Sururat Adigun, Dr Lisa Hale

  • Z4*
    Oligomeric vaccines
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    Prof. Udo Conrad, Dr Hoang Trong Phan, Thuong Ho

  • Infection

  • A4*
    Novel treatment for septic diseases in newborns

    Prof. Dorothee Viemann, Prof. Johannes Roth, Prof. Thomas Vogl

  • B2*
    Chemical disruption of the ClpX chaperone complex inhibits multiresistant Staphylococcus aureus virulence
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    Dr Christian Fetzer, Dr Vadim Krotokov, Prof. Stephan Sieber

  • D1*
    Clinical development of a therapeutic antibody (anti-pOxi D3) against antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus (StaphAcute)
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    Prof. Martin Krönke, Dr Alexander Klimka

  • D3*
    Cystobactamide – novel antibacterials against gram-negative pathogens

    Prof. Rolf Müller, Prof. Rolf Hartmann, Prof. Andreas Kirschning, Prof. Mark Brönstrup

  • D4
    HY-133 – a novel decolonization agent for nasal S. aureus

    Dr Wolfgang Mutter, Dr Sonja Molinaro

  • D5*
    Corallopyronin A – an antibiotic active against Helminths, Staphylococci and STIs
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    Prof. Achim Hoerauf, Dr Stefan Kehraus, Prof. Gabriele Maria König, Dr Kenneth Pfarr, Dr Andrea Schiefer

  • G1*
    Safe and effective preventative Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) vaccine (P-989/1309)

    Prof. Henri-Jacques Delecluse, Dr Anatoliy Shumilov, Ming-Han Tsai

  • P1
    Novel anti-tuberculosis compounds

    Dr Oliver Koch, Luis Bering

  • P3
    EF-Tu-binding Re-complex antibiotics

    Prof. Nils Metzler-Nolte, Prof. Julia Bandow, Sina Schäkermann, Daniel Siegmund

  • P4*
    Anti-tuberculosis drug
    Download Presentation

    Dr Jan Rybniker, Prof. Stewart Cole

  • W1*
    Treatment of Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
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    Prof. Valery Bochkov, Dr Olga Oskolkova

  • Metabolism

  • L2*
    Matriptase inhibitor for utility in Osteoarthritis as disease modifying therapy
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    Dr Drew Rowan, Dr Tim Chapman, Dr Lorna Duffy, Dr Prem Meghani

  • R3
    New approach to the safer pharmaceutical treatment of IBD and nephrotoxicity of 5-aminosalicylates

    Dr Tomáš Roušar

  • Neurology

  • A3*
    Dipeptide repeat specific antibodies as immunotherapeutic option to treat C9orf72 patients

    Prof. Dieter Edbauer, Prof. Christian Haass, Dr Kohji Mori, Dr Thomas Arzberger, Dr Elisabeth Kremmer

  • C1
    Tacrine derivative as a potent and selective GLU2b antagonist for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

    Dr Jan Korábečný, Dr Ondřej Soukup, Dr Martin Horák, Dr Karel Valeš

  • C2
    Benzothiazole-based ureas as potential ABAD/17beta-HSD10 modulators for Alzheimer’s disease treatment

    Dr Kamil Musílek, Dr Ondřej Benek, Dr Lukáš Hroch

  • E1
    A photoablation approach for the treatment of chronic pain and itch

    Dr Paul Heppenstall

  • I1*
    Steroids as allosteric modulators of NMDAR for neuropathic pain treatment
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    Dr Eva Kudová, Prof. Ladislav Vyklický, Dr Jiří Paleček

  • L1
    A humanised antibody that specifically targets truncated/toxic species of Aβ for Alzheimer’s Disease

    Prof. Thomas Bayer, Dr David Matthews, Dr Janet Brownlees, Dr Preeti Bakrania

  • N1
    Stem cell extracellular vesicles to turn off ischemic inflammation

    Dr Lorenza Lazzari, Dr Mario Barilani

  • Z8
    S-Oxprenolol for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    Dr Jochen Springer, Prof. Stefan Anker, Prof. Andrew Coats

  • Oncology

  • A1*
    Innovative nerve sheath tumor therapy

    Dr Alexander Schulz, Dr Helen Morrison

  • B3*
    CXCR6-transduced T cells for targeted tumor therapy

    Dr Sebastian Kobold, Prof. Stefan Endres, Moritz Rapp, Simon Grassmann

  • C3
    Enhancing effect of ATM/ATR/DNA-PK inhibitors on oncology treatment with standard chemotherapeutics

    Dr Jan Korábečný, Dr Martin Andrš, Dr Ondřej Soukup, Prof. Martina Řezáčová, Dr Martina Seifrtová

  • G2
    Peptide vaccine for treatment of IDH1 R132H mutant-positive cancers (P-987)

    Prof. Michael Platten, Prof. Wolfgang Wick, Dr Theresa Schuhmacher

  • M2*
    Inhibition of tumor cell-induced endothelial cell death to prevent and treat metastasizing tumors
    Download Presentation

    Dr Boris Strilic

  • M3
    Therapeutic Interleukin 11 antibody

    Dr Reimar Abraham, Dr Johannes Bange, Prof. Matthias Ernst, Dr Tracy Putoczki

  • M4
    New inhibitors of Exon 20 mutations

    Dr Roman Thomas, Dr Daniel Rauh, Dr Carsten Schulz-Fademrecht, Dr Bert Klebl

  • M5*
    Immunoproteasome inhibitors

    Dr Robert Huber, Dr Uwe Koch, Dr Bert Klebl

  • N5
    Nanoconstruct for antitumor therapy

    Dr Valentina Cauda, Dr Giancarlo Canavese, Dr Nadia Garino, Dr Marco Laurenti, Dr Luisa Racca, Dr Andrea Ancona, Dr Marta Canta, Dr Bianca Dumontel, Dr Tania Limongi

  • P2
    Inhibition of IKK complex

    Prof. Christian Kaltschmidt, Prof. Barbara Kaltschmidt, Dr Johannes Greiner, Carsten Slotta, Jonathan Storm

  • T1
    A new strategy for the treatment of Fibrosis related diseases

    Prof. Donald Gullberg

  • W5
    Novel chalcone derivative for cancer treatment

    Dr Katrina Vanura, Prof. Ulrich Jäger, Prof. Thomas Erker, Dr Gerda Brunhofer-Bolzer

  • Others

  • K1*
    Treatment of PCOS or oligo-ovulatory androgen excess in women
    Download Presentation

    Prof. Francis De Zegher, Prof. Lourdes Ibanez

  • N3
    Electrospun nanofibrous multiscale scaffold for tendon and ligament tissue regeneration and replacement

    Dr Alberto Sensini, Dr Luca Cristofolini, Dr Chiara Gualandi, Dr Maria Letizia Focarete, Dr Juri Belcari, Dr Andrea Zucchelli

  • Z7*
    Chemokine-loaded microparticles in hyaluronic acid for treatment of osteoarthritis
    Download Presentation

    Dr Jochen Ringe, Dr Kristin Fröhlich, Prof. Michael Sittinger

  • Tools

  • A5*
    Homology independent genomic sequence replacement

    Dr Ralf Kühn, Eric Danner

  • E2
    A novel Sleeping Beauty transposase system for development of gene therapies

    Dr Orsolya Barabas

  • M1
    Methods to drastically increase precise genome editing efficiency with CRISPR enzymes in stem cells and various mammalian cells

    Dr Tomislav Maricic, Stephan Riesenberg

  • W2
    Chip-based disease models: Biomedical applications of organ-on-a-chip technologies

    Prof. Peter Ertl

  • Z1
    Innovative method for detecting co-occurring histone modifications in a single step using hybrid proteins

    Prof. Albert Jeltsch, Goran Kungulovski, Rebekka Mauser

  • Z5
    Low cost cloning

    Dr Sylvestre Marillonnet