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Startups 2021


NovoArc GmbH

Dr David Wurm

Innovation & Business Idea

Current liposomal formulations cannot be administered orally due to their instability in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, chemical coatings have to be used. Furthermore, current oral medication contains a lot of packing material per dose to target the intestinal mucosa. Thus, the amount of drug per pill has to be reduced – in fact, chemical coatings and packing material can make up to 60% of a pill. With NovoArc’s novel Archaeosome technology more of the drug can be packed per dose and chemical coatings become obsolete. Thus, the patient can reduce the number of pills and does not have to swallow unwanted chemicals anymore. Furthermore, our stable lipid vesicles boost the bioavailability which is why drugs, which currently have to be injected, can be delivered orally. We offer the whole value chain from the biological, still controlled production of the highly stable lipids in the bioreactor, lipid extraction, formulation until the characterisation of the final product preparations.

Customers / Target Market

Our target market is the global biopharmaceutical market. We are well-aware that the time to market can be 10 years and more. Thus, we will tackle two additional markets, allowing market entry within 1-2 years, namely 1. Transdermal drug delivery as well as 2. Dietary Supplements.


We identified three industrial organisations/companies working on the production of stable lipids. However, none of these direct competitors has the technology to cultivate Archaea, the source of the highly stable lipids, in a controlled and scalable manner.

Intellectual Property Status

Quehenberger J., Wurm D. and Spadiut O. „Method for producing a composition comprising archaeal lipids from a Sulfolobus cell culture“; Patent No. WO2020/187526 A1

Development Status & Future Steps

Our innovative core technology has been successfully developed and is completed (international patent is filed). Currently, we are realizing our prototype. Besides we already have ongoing feasibility studies with national and international industrial partners. In October 2021 we will found the TU Wien Spin-Off company NovoArc GmbH. In collaboration with industrial partners we will pack different drugs and do detailed pharmacokinetic studies. We will also tackle the two additional markets, allowing market entry within 1-2 years.

Exit Strategy

Feasibility of our technology has been successfully shown. For faster market entry we will develop and commercialize novel Dietary Supplements and tackle the Transdermal Drug Delivery market. Another exit strategy is the huge cosmetics market.

Team Description

NovoArc’s Team has more than 10 years of experience in developing production processes for biopharmaceutical companies and offers a novel formulation for producers of biopharmaceuticals and food supplements. Link:

Financing Need

We are fully financed until October 2021. For further realization of our vision we are looking for investors.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration


NovoArc GmbH