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Startups 2021


LifeTaq-Analytics GmbH

Manfred Taschner, Volker Lorber

Innovation & Business Idea

The company focuses on the cultivation of cell lines in an automated environment in order to reduce cost and time consumption of the whole process. Simultaneously, we tremendously increase reproducibility and quality of our cell products by introducing our novel approach of tissue generation performed by our 3D cell cultivation robot Oli-MAT. One machine is able to process several thousands of samples at the same time, allowing medium to high throughput analysis of physiologically correct in vitro simulations of the human in vivo state. Thus, our customers, coming mainly from the Pharma and CRO industry, can reduce the time-to-market of their products and have a superior understanding of the mode of action of their drugs in the human body. Therefore, the success chance of cost-intensive clinical trials can be estimated much better leading to lower risk during the drug development process. LifeTaq's focus is on new 3D lung models as well as on stem cell research and toxicology studies.

Customers / Target Market

  • Pre-clinical and clinical CROs
  • Pharma industry
  • Research industry and universities
  • Cosmetic industry


Competitors are mainly in the CRO sector. However, LifeTaq is the first company offering customized pre-cultivated 3D cell models based on high quality immortalized cell lines. Due to the automation, we can offer our cell products and services at an affordable price, making 3D cell cultivation available for everyone.

Intellectual Property Status

Oli-GO Cell Surface Analysis Assay: Austria (priority May 2018, approved February 2020 – No: 521 238), PCT (pending since May 2019)
Novel Cell Cultivation Approach: Europe (pending since January 2020)

Development Status & Future Steps

Final development and adaptation to market in a new production facility based in Tulln, Austria.
Market launch of first products: Summer 2020

Exit Strategy

In the long term, LifeTaq will orientate into the direction of their main clients. The news on the CRO market are full of acquisitions as well as mergers, since major enterprises lack the innovation of new start-ups and are too complex to react to the constantly changing market needs fast enough. Thus, we aim for an exit at a certain, yet undifined, point in the future and will keep our focus on the present and establishment of a thriving company.

Team Description

Manfred Taschner

2017/now: LifeTaq-Analytics GmbH CEO, Founder

2015/2017: LT-Labsystems OG CEO, Founder (pre-company)

2014/2015: pre-formation phase LT-Labsystems OG 2013/2014

2013/2014 AFFiRiS AG Preclinical development and analysis of vaccines for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

Master’s Degree: Biotechnology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria / Griffith University Brisbane, QL, Australia / Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

Volker Lorber

2017/now: LifeTaq-Analytics GmbH CTO, Founder

2015/2017: LT-Labsystems OG CTO, Founder (pre-company)

2014/2015: pre-formation phase LT-Labsystems OG

2012/2014 AFFiRiS AG: Preclinical development and analysis of vaccines for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

2010/2012 AGES: Supervision of medical market in the area of regulatory affairs for national drugs

Master’s Degree: Human Biology & Tissue Engineering, University & University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Financing Need

LifeTaq-Analytics currently has two main investors and gets funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the state Niederösterreich. The company witnessed a financial round in October 2019 but plans a next major financing round for March 2022.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration