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Startups 2021



Christof Neuman

Innovation & Business Idea

IPDx is addressing this notion that out healthcare system is actually a sick care system. We aim to make prevention the new standard of care, not reactivity to the already sick. The problem with current diagnostics is that physicians need to understand precisely the thousands of tests,  which test or procedure to order, ufortunately, costs scale with each test ordered. We have developed an unbiased low-cost approach, Universal Serology, to screen for nearly all the antibodies in a single blood test. We envision this to be used annually or every other year as a screening tool to identify developing diseases and help diagnose immediately or refer to a specialist.

Customers / Target Market

Our initial market are early adopters consisting of health conscious customers, executives and private insurances. While also targeting those with undiagnosed conditions including rare and autoimmune conditions. On average autoimmune diseases take 4-7 years to diagnose.

Our vision is to become a standard of care in your GP office.


Two players have already unlocked the potential of liquid biopsies in pan diseases screening. However, their focus has been on cancer and is ,for a large part, limited to this:

Grail (acquired by Illumina for $ 8.5 B)

Thrive (acquired by Exact sciences for $ 2.15 B)

Intellectual Property Status

1 patent approved 

1 patent in submission

Development Status & Future Steps

April 2021- In silico validation of Universal Serology 

June 2021 - Biomarker confirmation of in silico markers 

Sep 2021 - Biomarker validation of Autoimmune panel with possibility of novel marker discovery 

Dec 2021 - Close investment round

Exit Strategy

Clinical labs and diagnostic equipment manufacturers

Team Description

Thomas Neuman, PhD (Founder, CEO), 30+ years experience in lifesciences. Led research for first autologous stem cell transplant to treat parkinsons. Licensed biomarkers to JnJ and developed a non-invasive skin diagnostics platform from idea to market entry. 

Christof Neuman (Founder, Business development), founded 2 startups where he was critical in early funding and corporate partnerships. 

Jaan Palgi (Lab manager), 30+ years managing lab. Founded MobiDiag, an established molecular diagnostics company. 

Olli-Pekka Smolander, PhD (Head of data) 

Financing Need

€ 5-7 Million

Searching for

Funding, Collaboration