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Startups 2021

Emerging Startups

Alterras Therapeutics

A start-up developing small molecule therapies based on a novel mode of action that activates the alternative renin angiotensin system.


Development of first-in-class epigenetic agents to ameliorate core symptoms of Autism.

iRASP Therapeutics

iRASP Therapeutics focuses on the discovery of new therapeutic antibodies for cancer patients based on its proprietary platform.

PolyGlyco Biotech (GbR)

Glycome-based therapy of age-related neurodegenerative diseases with unmet medical need.

Rising Startups

AVVie GmbH

AVVie GmbH is developing a novel minimally invasive implant aimed at addressing a prolific heart valve condition affecting millions worldwide.


OrganoTherapeutics makes use of proprietary patient-specific brain organoids for drug discovery in Parkinson`s disease.


PROSION developed a first-in-class approach to address undruggable targets linked with various diseases via a platform of chemical building blocks.

wellabe GmbH

Our health check-up is a great experience and takes just 15 minutes; based on your outcome we build personalized coaching around your medical needs.


Klavant GmbH

Klavant will significantly improve the intraoperative quality check in conventional aortic valve surgery by IDA - the Intraoperative Digital Aortograohy.

LifeTaq-Analytics GmbH

LifeTaq-Analytics develops innovative automated cultivated 3D cell models and high quality cell monitoring and analysis tools.

Metaron Diagnostics

Next-generation diagnostics through targeted metabolomics: high-resolution clinical chemistry for chronic kidney disease and endometriosis.

MitOx Therapeutics

Development of targeted mitochondrial metabolism disruptors ("MMDs") for the treatment of a range of relapsing or resistant cancers.


MyoPax is developing and producing regenerative muscle stem cell therapeutics for the treatment of muscle defects and muscle wasting.


Myxobiotics is a seed-stage start-up company pursuing a narrow-spectrum anti-bacterial  product against an urgent-threat level Gram-negative bacterium.

NovoArc GmbH

NovoArc’s highly stable 2nd generation liposomes boost bioavailability, increase shelf life of drugs and allow oral drug delivery without chemicals.

Penton Biotech

For patients with solid tumors, our company will analyze tumor immunogenicity and design personalized tumor vaccines.