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Startups 2019


PixelBiotech GmbH

Dr Yongsheng Cheng

Innovation & Business Idea

PixelBiotech GmbH is a pioneer in single molecule diagnosis with our proprietary technology HuluFISH exclusively licensed from DKFZ. HuluFISH is the next generation true multiplexing single molecule FISH platform which allows simultaneous detection of multiple gene expression in situ, up to 127 genes with state-of-art microscopy. Our development in HuluFISH will build a precise and early diagnosis platform, comprised of HuluFISH, HuluREAD, HuluSCOPE, HuluSCAN. HuluFISH technology will enable scientists and industrial partners to explore the biomarker gene expression pattern in situ and discover a novel signature to predict the diagnosis and prognosis result of cancer, drug discovery, food safety test, vaccine quality control, single-cell genomic data validation. The technical advantage of HuluFISH will enable low-cost, large scale genetic testing in various detection for human and animal health.

Customers / Target Market

We have now 10+ paying customers and 30+ potential customers. Our next goal is expanding our sales to cover more customers. The intermediate market for us is the single-cell genomics. Customers in this area need a multiplexing validation tool for the sequencing data. The mid-term market is biopharma/biotech, NGS data validation, food/vaccine safety/QC. The long-term market is the global pathogen monitoring network to have one health system for global surveillance of infectious disease outbreak, like SARS, flu, etc..


Our direct competitors in the FISH field are ACDbio, Affymetrix (now part of ThermoFischer) and Biosearch Technologies. We all aim at providing single molecule level gene detection tool. Our competitors' price strategy is made for the traditional biotech company’s choice, exceptional high price for a small niche market. We will provide a disruptive price strategy (1/4 of the lowest price from competitors) but still maintain close to 80% margin for our HuluFISH products. The disruptive price strategy will enable more scientists to possibly use this advanced tool to study gene expression instead of traditional tools like PCR, western blot, and immunostaining. The other unique feature of our HuluFISH product is that we provide freely HuluREAD (HuluREAD is our AI-empowered image analysis service) as the cloud platform for HuluFISH data analysis, which is not provided by any competitors in their products.

Intellectual Property Status

We have exclusively licensed HuluFISH technology from DKFZ, our co-founding institute. We have also the proprietary algorithms for establishing the HuluREAD platform.

Development Status & Future Steps

Currently, we are selling HuluFISH 2.0 products to our customers. We have been designing our HuluFISH 2.5 and 3.0 version for a stronger signal and better specificity (which is good for clinical samples). After our seed round financing, we will kick off the HuluSCOPE and HuluSCAN development, which is a dedicated light sheet microscope for HuluFISH staining image acquisition.

Exit Strategy

Our exit strategy is either an IPO in China (HongKong or Shanghai) or acquisition by big biotech companies.

Team Description

Our founding team consists of biomedical and IT professionals with over 10 years of experience in biotech and AI. Our founding partner also includes DKFZ, which is a world renowned cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment institute. Our team is multinational, multicultural (covering US+Europe+China) and will combine our strength to explore the global genetic testing market with our continuous innovation both in biotech and AI.

Financing Need

We would like to raise €2 M with a 10% share in PixelBiotech GmbH.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration


PixelBiotech GmbH