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Startups 2019

Emerging Startup


Dr Kathrin Gärtner, Prof. Reinhard Zeidler

Innovation & Business Idea

While therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) generally represent a promising, specific and safe strategy for cancer treatment, the number of approved mAbs is small and many potential targets on solid tumours are still unknown. Thus, we have developed a unique platform technology based on the immunization of animals with extracellular vesicles (EVs). This technology allows the fast and efficient generation of multiple mAbs of high medical value against known and unknown tumour antigens. In contrast to standard immunizations with soluble proteins, our technology has the essential advantage that EVs present antigens in their native context and structure. Therefore, EV-based immunizations give rise to functional (e.g. inhibitory) mAbs against disease-relevant antigens.

Customers / Target Market

We will functionally select and preclinically evaluate the most promising of our mAbs so that we can license them to pharma and biotech companies for clinical development and marketing. As first indications, Eximmium will focus on the development of mAbs for treatment of gynaecological and abdominal cancers, i.e. cancers with high medical need for most of which effective therapeutic mAbs are not available.


Clearly, the market for mAbs is highly competitive with numerous companies developing therapeutic candidates. Eximmium's direct competitors are companies, which develop mAbs for their own pipelines or on a fee-for-service basis. However, our unique technology is unbiased from pre-selection allowing identification of new targets and thus generation of first-in class or best-in class mAbs. E.g. we developed the first inhibitory mAb worldwide against the cancer-related enzyme CA12, and no other CA12-specific mAb is currently being developed by any other company.

Intellectual Property Status

The patent for our most advanced therapeutic antibody has been granted in all major markets. We have filed a patent application in 2017 for a mAb blocking the immune checkpoint molecule CD73. The platform technology itself will not be patented in order to keep technological details secret. A recent analysis by our patent attorneys granted Eximmium freedom-to-operate.

Development Status & Future Steps

Throughout the last decade, we obtained hundreds of mAbs against known and novel antigens, potentially valid for tumour therapy. We are working on the evaluation of several promising mAbs in parallel: our furthest developed mAb targeting CA12 will be evaluated in a clinical Phase Ib trial in glioblastoma patients in 2019/2020 and we are currently looking for an investor for further clinical development. Other promising mAbs, e.g. anti-CD73, have been validated in functional assays and will soon be tested in relevant animal models.

Exit Strategy

We thrive at out-licensing therapeutic candidates after successful clinical PoC studies (typically phase II), thus offering to investors attractive exist strategies and significant RoI.

Team Description

Prof. Reinhard Zeidler: biologist, full professor at LMU Munich, co-founder & advisor.
Prof. Stephan Diekmann: entrepreneur, founder of MoBiTec GmbH, Eximmium’s interim CEO.
Dr. Kathrin Gärtner: biologist, CSO.
Dr. Markus Kellner: biologist, expert in antibody engineering, e.g. humanisation.

Financing Need

We are currently in the process of identifying investors and/or a strategic partnership for co-development, advanced-stage clinical validation and marketing of our lead mAbs. We would like to raise € 8 Mio for early clinical development of our CA12 mAb (ADME/Tox, GMP, Phase I in ovarian cancer) and the pre-clinical evaluation of additional therapeutic mAb candidates.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration