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Startups 2019


NC Biomatrix b.v.

Innovation & Business Idea

An injectable biomatrix which restores the volume of the disc nucleus and disc height as well as providing an optimal environment for autologous regeneration of the disc nucleus. Initial successful animal study completed.

Customers / Target Market

All patients suffering from early stage disc degeneration, conservatively 1% of the total population. Treatment to be applied by private practice orthopedist with access to imaging equipment or in cooperation with radiologist on an out patient basis.


To date there is no treatment for early disc degeneration. The patient‘s pain is simply managed until the degeneration is so advanced that surgery is justified. There are autologous stem cell products being developed, but it involves 2 surgical procedures and high costs. No products available in the market.

Intellectual Property Status

Two PCT filings, the first of which is now in national filings for key European markets and the US.

Development Status & Future Steps

Optimize and finalize manufacturing process with a certified commercial partner. Complete toxicology, immunology and biomechanical testing. Create technical dossier for regulatory application. First in man in a single center with minimal number of patients.

Exit Strategy

After completion of a successful multicenter comparative trial, we believe that a trade sale will be viable. Alternatively the company could partner with a strong sales and marketing partner who could have a purchase option within a defined time.

Team Description

Prof Keita Ito - graduate of MIT and Harvard Medical School, long time board member of the AO Foundation in Switzerland, Head of Department of Orthopedic Biomechanics TU Eindhoven.
Robert Guilleaume - MIM from Thunderbird Graduate School, 35+ years experience in the orthomedicor market, 20 years in multinational companies, 15 years in Startups with 6 VC funding rounds and IPO in London.

Financing Need

„A“ round of €3 M closed by April 1st 2020LOI by experienced investor ASAP to tap into government grants and loans.

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NC Biomatrix b.v.