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Startups 2019



Dr Anna Fahlgren, Dr Anna Nilsson, Dr Lasse Jensen, Tomas Larson, Tommy Johansson

Innovation & Business Idea

BioReperia provides an analysis on how efficient different cancer treatments are in inhibiting tumor growth and metastatic ability on the patient´s own cells in vivo. The analysis is based on our proproritary Zebrafish Tumor Xenograft (ZTX) platform. We are creating a solid microtumor with metastases from a patient´s own tumor cells in a zebrafish embryo. By treating the embryos with the drugs that are available for the specific diagnosis, we can provide precision medicine data. We can thereby provide the oncologist with in vivo data on how each specific patient will respond to the different treatment options on the market. The platform has more than 90% accuracy when predicting responses and cuts time for a cancer treatment cycle from 3-6 months to 5 days. Our primary business goal is to provide analyses within clinical oncology based on our proprietary zebrafish platforms for precision medicine. We are already generating revenues in the short-term by using our proprietary zebrafish platform as service providers for pharma industry within our CRO business for drug discovery.

Customers / Target Market

BioReperia target two different markets; the precision medicine market’s need of predicting responsiveness of anti-cancer drugs as well as the drug development market’s need for early methods with high translational value.


Genomic analyses are established methods within precision medicine for evaluating patient-specific tumor characteristics related to treatment outcome, but the results from such analyses are currently difficult to interpret, and not applicable to most patients. There are currently no accurate methods for predicting the metastatic progression.

Intellectual Property Status

The core technology is protected by a combination of by know-how and future patent for the automation process.

Development Status & Future Steps

We have good clinical collaborations in Sweden with key opinion leaders within bladder and prostate cancer and we plan to expand those contacts within Europe/US during 2019. We plan to further market our IVD-platform through academic publications, and by presenting our clinical data together with clinical collaborators at leading cancer conferences.

Exit Strategy

We see a good possibility for two exits; the drug discovery service business and the precision medicine business separately within 7-10 years.

Team Description

Anna Fahlgren, PhD: CEO and co-founder. Experience within entrepreneurship and is been responsible for business development, market and sale.
Lasse Jensen, PhD: CTO and co-founder. Inventor of the zebrafish-platform.
Anna Nilsson, PhD: COO and partner relationship. Product specialist, customer relations, reporting, project planning, company operations and development.

Financing Need

We plan an emission in two tranches; the first in June 2019 for a total of €0.5 M to build our own laboratories, finalize our ongoing clinical studies and prepare for CE certification, and then make a second tranche in April 2021 for a total of €2-5 M.

Searching for

Funding, Collaboration