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Startups 2018

Emerging Startup

mk2 Biotechnologies

Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Sebastian Mangold, Marco Giuman, Christoph Kutzner

Innovation & Business Idea

Peptides and proteins share common structure and composition. However, peptides are defined by their length since they are composed of <100 amino acids. Due to their lack of size, peptides were hardly explored and underestimated for a long period of time as opposed to proteins. As the feasibility of peptides grew significantly in the early 2000s, focus shifted to the potential applications of peptides as active compounds. mk2 Biotechnologies has developed a groundbreaking recombinant synthesis technology, which allows the production of complex peptides without any physical or chemical restrictions (e.g. length, polarity, charge) at highest purities and low cost. The synthesis method is fully scalable and automatable and therefore allows supplying mass markets at reasonable prices.

Customers / Target Market

Potential applications can be found in the fields of agriculture, cosmetics, food, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals, where they are believed to be able to substitute conventional crop protection, antibiotics, preservatives, APIs and many more. However, the primary market for complex peptides is R&D (academia and industry) showing high capital expenditure: Peptides are still a highly innovative research subject.


Conventional solid phase synthesis methods focus on peptide chain lengths below 25 amino acids, since the production costs and efforts rise with growing chain lengths. Several competitors optimized specific production steps in order to tackle some of the problems arising from the synthesis of long and complex peptides. The majority of the established synthesis routes rely on HPLC purification, which is an expensive process step, lowers the production yields and inhibits a financially feasible scale-up. mk2 Biotechnologies’ method provides high-purity peptides using a disruptive and scalable purification technique, thus overcoming today’s technological limits and allowing the synthesis of complex peptides at significant cost advantages. In addition, mk2 Biotechnologies aims to provide peptide consultancy and screening services.

Intellectual Property Status

The patent application protecting the synthesis technology has been submitted and is expected to successfully pass the first application process steps soon.

Development Status & Future Steps

Using the proprietary technology, several market relevant peptides, that are not or hardly accessible through conventional methods, could be synthesized at competitive purities. In the near future, the technology needs to be industrialized by optimizing the synthesis parameters in order to increase the yields, lower the cost and identify theoretical scale-up limits before entering the primary market.

Exit Strategy

The exit strategy strongly depends on future funding and investment and can furthermore not be presented to the public. Potential investors are kindly asked to contact the mk2 Biotechnologies management.

Team Description

The team consists of four members: CEO Konstantinos Antonopoulos has worked at corporates in the R&D sector and has already developed and lifted several technologies on to series maturity. CFO Sebastian Mangold is experienced with financing of start-ups and has corporate experience in organizational development as well as quality management. Marco Giuman is a highly experienced chemist and biochemist and in charge of production and purification. Christoph Kutzner is a molecular biologist focused on R&D of new products and technologies. C. Kutzner and M. Giuman invented the technology.

Financing Need

mk2 Biotechnologies will be seeking significant investment in the near future. In addition to financial support, investors are expected to provide industry sector experience and access to their networks.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration


mk2 Biotechnologies