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Startups 2018

Rising Startup

VisionHealth GmbH

Dr Sabine Häußermann, Alexandros Sivris

Innovation & Business Idea

The digital heath app will empower all chronic respiratory patients to fully benefit from their inhaled medication. Efficiently train patients by adherence management, inhalation training with feedback by artificial intelligence and diary for better control. Patients will improve their inhalation maneuver and deposit more drug in the lung, which is the target region. Will result in more efficient drug delivery, fewer side effects, more stable patients, fewer exacerbations and lower costs for healthcare systems.

Customers / Target Market

According to WHO estimates, 235 M people around the world suffer from asthma. Based on latest meta-analysis, over 380 M individuals are affected by COPD globally. Many other chronic respiratory diseases such as allergic rhinitis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary arterial hypertension etc. affect further millions of people around the globe. $64.8 B (increasing every year) was spent in 2015/2016 on medication to treat chronic respiratory diseases inc. $19.4 B for asthma medicines and $15.4 B for COPD therapies. B2C, patients are in the need of help with their inhalation devices - 50-90% of all respiratory patients make crucial errors when using their inhaled drugs and this results in unstable patients. Therefore, more than adherence is needed. B2B for the use of anonymized data on respiratory patients, those data are crucial for pharmaceutical industry and health insurers.


Some competitors, like PropellerHealth, developed and produce hardware for adherence management with inhalation devices. Both, hardware and apps so far, do not recognize what the patient does when inhaling and do not give feedback to the patient. The app KATA uses artificial intelligence to judge the patients inhalation maneuver, and therefore is more versatile than the competitors on the market.

Intellectual Property Status

Dec 2017: Patent filed for algorithm to record and judge the inhalation maneuver and device handling.

Development Status & Future Steps

Finalize the app for commercialization, test with users and commercialize in Q3 2018. 2019: further develop app for more devices and transfer into medical device app.

Exit Strategy

Engage patients in app use, from number of patients 100 k onwards the data is the main asset. Med Tech companies, like Philips, which has high interest in respiratory therapy, large homecare companies and large healthcare providers are the main targets for exit. The concrete business model is work in progress and should be finished by market entry.

Team Description

Dr Sabine Häussermann, renowned expert in inhalation medicine and respiratory therapy. Dr Gerhard Scheuch, multiple entrepreneur and world expert in respiratory therapy and inhalation devices. Alexandros Sivris, expert in machine learning and digitalization.

Financing Need

€0.5-1 M over the next 3 years. That will bring the med tech app and help over the time when we will give out the App for free to get a footprint in the market.

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VisionHealth GmbH