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Startups 2018

Emerging Startup

Priavoid GmbH

Prof. Dieter Willbold, Dr Ralph Zahn, Dr Antje Willuweit, Dr Gunther Kauselmann

Innovation & Business Idea

Priavoid GmbH is a newly formed pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of innovative therapies for patients with central nervous system disorders caused by misfolded and aggregated proteins. We envision stopping Alzheimer´s disease (AD) by providing a unique therapeutic strategy that combines an innovative mechanism of action with a new class of orally available pharmaceuticals (PRI-002). In parallel, this therapeutic strategy will be applied to treat other neurodegenerative diseases such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), (PRI-003), tauopathies (TPs), Huntington´s disease (HD) and Parkinson´s disease (PD).

Customers / Target Market

The market for prescription drugs for AD is extraordinarily large and expected to multiply in the future (Frost & Sullivan U.S. Alzheimer´s Disease Medication Market 2010, Datamonitor´s Alzheimer´s Disease Market Forecast 2011). In the seven major markets alone (US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom), the market for 2011 was estimated at $6 B with expected double-digit growth by 2020 (Datamonitor´s Alzheimer´s Disease Market Forecast 2011). The market potential for causative Alzheimer´s therapy is estimated at $20 B. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies are shifting their focus towards orphan diseases such as ALS, TPs, HD and PD to address unmet medical needs.


Previous approaches sponsored by academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry are intending to reduce the production of Amyloid beta monomers by secretase inhibitors. Additional approaches attempt to target Amyloid beta in different aggregation states with therapeutic antibodies. Up to now, none of these approaches have resulted in marketing authorization of a pharmaceutical product. In contrast, Priavoid’s drug candidate against AD (PRI-002) targets toxic Amyloid beta oligomers and proved to be effective in multiple animal models after oral administration. The PRI-002 unique selling points are: 1. New mechanism of action (specific elimination of toxic oligomers), 2. New class of drugs (synthetic all-D peptide), 3. Oral drug administration (protease resistance).

Intellectual Property Status

Priavoid’s drug candidates PRI-002 and PRI-003 are protected by 10 patent families.

Development Status & Future Steps

The drug candidate PRI-002 is currently awaiting approval to start clinical phase I. PRI-003 has achieved proof of concept status in an ALS mouse model.

Exit Strategy

After successful completion of PRI-002 clinical phase II studies pharmaceutical companies could be attracted as partners to conduct phase III pivotal trials. Alternatively, PRI-002 and/or PRI-003 programs could be sold after successful completion of phase II.

Team Description

Prof. Dieter Willbold, Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Dr. Ralph Zahn, Managing Director - Dr. Dagmar Jürgens, Director Clinical Development - Dr. Knut Adermann, Director CMC - Dr. Antje Willuweit, Director Preclinical Research - Dr. Gunther Kauselmann, Director of Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance For further information, please see

Financing Need

The funding of clinical phase I studies is already covered. The cost for conducting PRI-002 clinical phase II trials and for the advancement of the PRI-003 program is estimated to require €25 M.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding


Priavoid GmbH