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Startups 2018

Rising Startup

LIfT BioSciences

Alex Blyth, Dr Nico Bruyniks, Prof. Zheng Cui, Dr Renata Bruyniks

Innovation & Business Idea

LIfT Biosciences Ltd (LIfT BS) was established with the vision of developing leukocyte-based immuno-oncology cell therapies for solid tumours using Leukocyte Infusion Therapy (LIfT). Our vision is to create The World´s First Cell Bank of Cancer Killing Neutrophils to treat all solid tumours. Our approach potentially provides a scalable method to produce enough safe and effective neutrophils to provide a global and cost-effective cure to solid tumour cancers.

Customers / Target Market

We are prioritising high unmet need solid tumours that qualify for market exclusivity and fast-track access status as rare diseases. Our first target indications running in parallel are Pancreatic Cancer and Soft-Tissue Sarcoma. Followed by liver, oesophageal, stomach, head & neck, brain, liver. Our target markets are those larger markets that offer 8-12 years market exclusivity to advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) such as US, EU, Japan, Canada & Australia.


We are the only scalable neutrophil ATMP to ever be developed for treating cancers, the EMA have given us our own ATMP classification because of this fact. For pancreatic Cancer (primary indication), our cell line therapy provides optimum efficacy and no risk of lymphocytes in the transfusion and so outperforms Abraxane and all future therapies currently seen in the pipeline to be the future market leader. Potential competition includes emerging immunotherapy drugs e.g. monoclonal antibodies, however, these have three major drawbacks: a) they are too targeted to adapt as the tumour continues to mutate, while LIfT neutrophils destroy any non-self mutation b) high-costs of treatment (>50,000 EUR per treatment) and c) side effects profiles are considered serious. We consider, however, the success of those products as important, partially for their contribution to the development of immuno-oncology market, and partially for the possibility to combine these drugs with LIfT to boost patient response.

Intellectual Property Status

Our patent (pending) was filed in Oct 2016 and covers both a cell characteristics (composition) and a method on how we test, characterise and culture our haematopoietic cells and neutrophils. We have further patents planned.

Development Status & Future Steps

We have now successfully developed The World´s 1st Neutrophils from Stem Cells in-vitro to demonstrate Cancer Killing Activity, We now have the basic building blocks for producing a scalable and patented ATMP. The team are currently working with Kings College London to complete selective cancer killing testing on a range of tumours and scale-up cell expansion capabilities. In summer 2018 we will recruit cell donors to build the World´s First Cell Bank of Cancer Killing Neutrophils.

Exit Strategy

IPO or Trade Sale

Team Description

Prof Zheng Cui, MD/MS/PhD - Scientific Advisor – expert in innate cancer immunity and developed the model behind our Leukocyte Infusion Therapy. Alex Blyth, BSc (Econ) BSc (Bio) - CEO - Serial entrepreneur and healthcare strategy consultant with 15 years’ experience in commercialising >50 biopharma assets with Biotech’s & Major Pharma Companies. Dr Nico Bruyniks, MD MRCOG MFSRH - CMSO - Gynaecologist and Pharmaceutical physician with 27 years’ biopharma industry experience in clinical and pre-clinical development. Renata Bruyniks, PhD - VP Clinical Operations, 17 years’ experience in pharmaceutical companies and CROs setting up and running clinical trials.

Financing Need

€1 M

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration


LIfT BioSciences