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Startups 2018

Rising Startup

Enantis s.r.o.

Dr Veronika Stepankova, Dr Zdenek Rucka, Dr Radka Chaloupkova

Innovation & Business Idea

Hyperstable Fibroblast growth factor 2, FGF2-STAB. FGF2 is a pleiotropic regulator of proliferation, differentiation, migration, and survival. FGF2 is an essential component of media for the cultivation of pluripotent stem cells. It also plays an important role in wound healing. Our FGF2-STAB is a unique engineered variant of human FGF2 produced in E. coli and designed by computer-assisted protein engineering strategy. It retains uncompromised biological function even after twenty days at 37°C (the half-life of the biological activity of wild-type FGF2 is less than 12 hours at 37°C). No potentially harmful additives are used for its stabilization. Besides own products (currently mainly FGF2-STAB), Enantis also provides protein engineering services upon clients’ specific request.

Customers / Target Market

Stem cell cultivation: Improved stability of FGF2-STAB makes daily changes of media useless and since less protein is needed, it makes stem cell cultivation cheaper and less labour intensive. Furthermore, cells are not exposed to fluctuation in FGF2 concentration. Wound healing and cosmetics: A prolonged and sustained delivery of FGF2-STAB provides the greater therapeutic effect, faster healing and lower the risk of the frequent administration-related side effects. The need for advanced wound healing products has significantly increased because of the aging population. Enantis’ highly versatile protein engineering know-how can be applied in chemical, biotechnological and biomedical sectors.

Intellectual Property Status

There are a few other stabilized FGF2 molecules on the market but they are no match to FGF2-STAB. Currently, Enantis offers the most stable FGF2 molecule on the market. It is also possible to stabilize FGF2 molecule by the addition of heparin, but it is not a preferred solution from both safety and economic points of view. Regarding protein engineering, we create mutant proteins based on robust analysis where we combine in silico energy predictions with our vast know-how in protein structure evolution. As a result, we end up creating and screening just a handful of mutant proteins instead of hundreds or thousands of them.

Development Status & Future Steps

FGF2-STAB has been registered with a patent application filed under PCT (WO2017089016 A1).

Exit Strategy

FGF2-STAB has been thoroughly tested and Enantis has already been selling it to the market for R&D use only. At the moment, Enantis is negotiating with several global distributors. Enantis has also started testing the efficiency of FGF2-STAB in wound healing on animals to be able to start a clinical trial later. This development is co-funded by H2020 SME Instrument phase 2. Enantis is currently working on the stabilization of other members of FGF family.

Team Description

Equity investment.

Financing Need

Team includes 17 people of diverse backgrounds. Veronika Stepankova (CEO, PhD in Biochemistry) is responsible for managing the overall operations and resources of Enantis and creating the company’s strategic vision. Zdenek Rucka (Sales & Marketing Manager, PhD in Molecular Biology) is responsible for business development, marketing management, and building collaborations with other companies and institutions. Radka Chaloupkova (Chief Science Officer, PhD in Biomolecular Chemistry) is engaged in scientific and research operations and is responsible for defining the scientific strategy and supervising scientific personnel.

Searching for

Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration


Enantis s.r.o.