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Dr Jonas Harder, Sebastian Sujka


Innovation & Business Idea
Curable diseases are often discovered too late.
People have no way to monitor risks for their health issues.
We can solve this problem using the newest technology and sensors in mobile phones.

Customers/Target Market
Burnout, a health issue that causes costs of €12.9 billion in Germany and €140 billion worldwide. We see 250 million people at risk globally.
People who are suffering burnout symptoms or are highly endangered are left alone with the day-to-day management of risk.
B2B Customers: Insurances / Reinsurances

Ginger, Lark

Intellectual Property Status
Our proprietary algorithm uses up to 195 million individual data points per user and translates them into health risks.
We use data from highly sophisticated mobile sensors, social media, wearables, apps and the environment.
The data is pulled automatically and is not dependent on the user login information.

Development Status & Future Steps
First app launched.
Next app for next disease pending.

Exit Strategy

Team Description
xbird is a mobile-centric healthcare startup, developing an artificial-intelligence based app that uses mobile data to facilitate early recognition of diseases. The people behind xbird are a group of medical doctors, data-scientists and serial entrepreneurs from Berlin and the Silicon Valley. They publish in the world´s best scientific magazines, registered several patents and sold companies to Google and eBay before.

Financing Need
Raising 2nd seed round.

Searching for
Commercial Partner, Funding, Collaboration


BioVaria 2018

23 - 24 April 2018, Munich

Join BioVaria, the showcase for life-science inventions from leading European research institutions and universities.