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Prof. Martin Fusek, Tim Dyer, Dr Roman Dvorak, Dr Sonia Poli


Innovation & Business Idea
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity are closely related diseases representing large unmet medical need and market potential. Our candidate molecule (lipidized neuropeptide) discovered at the IOCB in Prague improves glycemic and weight parameters by a unique mechanism of action (MOA) targeting multiple relevant receptors. The improvement of glucose toleration and weight loss was shown in multiple animal models. LIPEON THERAPEUTICS is a spin-off company to be incorporated in Geneva Switzerland with premises at the Campus Biotech with the aim to secure financing for development of the molecule through to a clinical phase IIa (P2a).

Customers/Target Market
T2D therapy segment (globally ~ $60B in 2020) belongs to one of the most progressive pharma markets reaching almost 10% YOY growth. There is considerable unmet need and significant growth opportunity for a novel class of drugs with unique MOA. Preliminary calculation of our molecule sales are estimated to ~$2B in 2030.

Several T2D drugs are potential competitors. Victoza (2020 est. sales $3.6B) and its generics were identified as the biggest one. Others are: Byetta (2020 est. sales $0.6B), Januvia (2020 est. sales $4.3B), Invokana (2020 est. sales $3B).

Intellectual Property Status
3 patent applications pending. PCT/national phases with one of them already granted in Australia.

Development Status & Future Steps
Preclinical biology phase is finished with numerous animal models supporting the efficacy in T2DM and obesity. Basic de-risking studies have been done - no toxicity in MTD and DRF studies. GLP toxicology and formulation work are under way to be finished by Q4/2017. Next step is to start clinical P1+2a with expected results by mid 2021.

Exit Strategy
To develop the product from preclinical phase to clinical P2a and to exit through an acquisition of LIPEON THERAPEUTICS by large pharma.

Team Description
We have assembled a highly experienced team to drive LIPEON to the exit:
T. Dyer is an experienced life science entrepreneur with expertise in finance, corporate development, business operations and the building of start-up companies. Co-founder & CEO of Addex Therapeutics, serves on the boards of Abionic SA, Qwane Biosciences SA.
R. Dvorak MD PhD has 20 years of clinical research experience in academia and industry, designed/conducted clinical studies Phase 1-4 around the world, with 3 successful drug approvals.
S. Poli PhD is an accomplished drug developer with 18 years of international experience in large and small pharma companies. She spent 8 years at Roche, where she was a key inventor and global head of a multidimensional optimization approach for drug discovery and development.
S. Roberts PhD is an expert for pre-clinical phase including toxicology, ADME and pharmacokinetics for over 35 years in big pharma and startups. He has a broad experience in variety of therapeutic areas (metabolic diseases, CNS, oncology).
R. Blacher has more than 30 years of experience in formulation and CMC development from biotech start-ups to big pharma in the US/Europe.
L. Maletinska PhD is the inventor of the candidate molecule. A group leader at the IOCB in Prague with more than 25 years in research of neuropeptides.
Prof. M. Fusek is the head of the TT office at IOCB and has more than 25 years of experience in combination of research, business and tech transfer.

Financing Need
€5M for the preclinical development, €15M for clinical phases.

Searching for
Commercial Partner, Funding


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23 - 24 April 2018, Munich

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