Spin-offs 2017

The Spin-off Panel enables potential investors, partners and licensees to learn about additional, more advanced projects and provides entrepreneurs with an interactive platform to present their businesses to experienced decision makers from the biopharmaceutical industry. It combines a five minute pitch with a challenging Q&A session and poster exhibition.




Dr Andrea Hoffmeister, Prof. Florian Kreppel, Barbara Eberbach, Prof. Stefan Kochanek

Captain T Cell

Dr Felix Lorenz


Dr Cornelia Richter, Dr Sebastian Thieme, Dr Hagen Domaschke, Christoph Frost

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Dr Eugen Chicevic, Dr Vladimir Stoy, Dr Martina Plisova


Dr Luis Felipe Romero-Saavedra, Dr Andrea Kropec-Huebner, Dr Diana Laverde-Gomez, Prof. Johannes Huebner

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miRdetect GmbH

Meike Spiekermann, Dr Nina Winter, Kerstin Lucht-Hübner

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Dr Jan Chemnitz, Prof. Joachim Hauber, Prof. Frank Buchholz, Dr Ilona Hauber

RỌScue Therapeutics

Dr Marcus Conrad, Dr Bettina Proneth

Vacthera Biotech GmbH

Prof. Andrej Egorov, Franz Eichinger, Dr Michael Herscovici

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23 - 24 April 2018, Munich

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